Effort is between you and you. I ain't the fastest, I ain't the biggest, I ain't the strongest, never have been. But Lord be my witness, I've never met a man in my life that'll flat out outwork me. You're gonna have to work hard to catch me, 'cause I'm gonna find out what the benchmarks are, I'm gonna reach the benchmarks, and I'm gonna excel that thing. You gotta be the hardest workers in the room. It's one thing to be hungry, it's another thing when you're starving. Starving for greatness and starving for success. The separator is frickin' work, it's out-grinding, out-hustling, busting your tail, doing more. The secret of doing that is two things, if you outwork everybody, you've put in more reps, more work, you're just more likely to win, but there's a huge governing reason for it and that's this, you'll never ever ever in your life get more out of anything than you think you deserve or you're worth. And so one of the things, when you're doing stuff no one else is willing to do, over and over and over again, this weird thing starts happening to your mind where you go, I am doing sh*t no one else is willing to do here, and so I deserve, I'm worth more than other people. I deserve stuff they're not getting 'cause I been doing sh*t forever they're not willing to do. My back is up against this motherf*cker. Everyday. And I gotta go that way. And I don't give a f*ck who is in front of me, they're not gonna stop me. No alarm clock needed, my passion wakes me up. My drive wakes me up. My determination wakes me up, my ability to be, do and have whatever I want it wakes me up. What wakes you up? What drives you? Why are you playing this game? Is it just a game? Or do you eat it, do you sleep it, do you drink it? Have you possessed the game? There's only one thing you cannot purchase, there's only one thing you cannot buy, and that's what real beasts do. That's something you gonna have to do. And what will separate those of you from the rest is what you do. You will eventually get out of everything eventually what you think you're worth. That is a fact. And so, where you are right now, it's hard to accept this, but it's what you think you're worth. And the more and more you start putting in the effort, start keeping promises you make to yourself, and you do it long term man, you don't have a 1 week track record, but you got a 3 year or a 5 year track record with you, you are gonna start to get what you think you're worth. Winning is habitual. If you care about your success more than anyone else in the room, I promise you this, you will be successful at some point in time.