If the lion is the kind of the jungle, how can he be the king of the jungle if he's not the biggest, the elephant is probably one of the biggest. He can't be the fastest 'cause that's a cheetah. He can't be the smartest. So he's not the biggest, the fastest, or the smartest. So how does a lion become the king of the jungle? His mentality. That's the only difference of a lion and an elephant. When a lion walks up and sees an elephant he thinks lunch. A elephant thinks run. Because when a makes lion walks up, he may be outnumbered by a pack of hyenas, but I'm king of my jungle because of my mentality. Everybody wants to be a beast. Everybody talks positive about themselves, everybody talks like you a beast, you dress like you a beast. But then when it's time to do what beasts do, you back up. You have an excuse. What's gonna separate you is when it's beast time, when it's war time, you gotta get up and make it happen. Why was Michael and Kobe who they were? Tom Brady, Dwayne Wade, Wayne Gretzky, Muhammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather, all these guys. Not because of their physical gifts, yes that had a lot to do with it, it's up in here. It's time to recharge this and reboot this. Remember, the mind controls the body, the body does not control the mind. What makes these guys special and successful in everything they do is not their physical gifts, it's their mental toughness. Decide, commit, act, succeed, repeat. The savage mindset, when things are going f*cking bad, guess what they do? Quittings out of the f*cking question. All they think about is how the f*ck am I gonna get through this. There's no quitting, it's just f*cking getting through and thriving, not surviving. You gotta get comfortable being uncomfortable. Everyday you have to do this sh*t. 'Cause why? When you stop doing it, you don't just maintain it. If you stop shooting a gun, you're not gonna be a great shot if you pick a gun up a year from now. The only way to keep from getting rusty, is to constantly owe that motherf*cking machine, the machine is this. You gotta keep challenging it everyday. No one wants to grind. They just want the end result. You can't get the end result without the grind. You gotta crave that end result so intensely that the work becomes irrelevant. If you really wanna set some goals and you're willing to do what it takes, and sacrifice to push yourself around there, and not worry about what everybody else is gonna say, not worry about hurting feelings, you're guaranteed success in whatever you do.