"Just winning is not enough. But dominating people who are winning? That's something that'll leave you a legacy."


Edited by: @benlionelscott
Spoken by: Grant Cardone, Eric Thomas, Andy Frisella
Footage by: Astronada, Archer's Mark, Evan Anthony, Kirby Wolff, Phillip Mansfield, Ryan Wick, Sarunas Mikulskis, Willie Leatherwood, Zoe Hawkins
Music: Mark Petrie & Andrew Prahlow - Reaching Horizon


Dominate. You must learn to dominate. You cannot compete. I don't want you just to compete, cause competing is dangerous. Because when you compete, You gotta go all the way to the 4th quarter to make that thing happen. But when you dominate, You take your opponent out of the game. People who are truly successful in this world, those people understand how to dominate. Winners dominate losers. Legends dominate winners. And your mentality on this earth should be that you want to dominate winners. Who gives a sh*t If you beat up on all of the losers of the world, they're average and mediocre, it's a easy win. That's what makes them losers. There is no honor in that, there's no real achievement in that. If that's the case, congratulations, you might get a nice car, you might get a nice house, you might have a nice life, but you are never ever gonna be truly fulfilled in your success because you know that you are leaving a sh*t load on the table. But legends, legends feel fulfilled and happy. Not because they win or they're better than losers, but because they do what they have to do to be the best there ever was. They might enjoy a nice life, but they are only truly lit up by the true mission of all dominators, and that mission is to be the best there ever was at whatever it is that you do. Whether it was Oprah, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, they're immersed, they're immersed completely in their environment. They're dedicated, completely dedicated. They have a total, total commitment. Legends don't settle for being a winner. They strive to be complete domination. Legendary. If you really truly dominate, people are gonna see it. They're gonna be drawn to you. They will remember your f*cking name. Because by dominating your life, you will make a profound impact on all of the lives around you. Just winning is not enough. But dominating people who are winning? That's something that'll leave you a f*cking legacy.

Tue, 28 May 2019
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