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Edited by: @benlionelscott
Spoken by: Tony Robbins, David Goggins, Jocko Willink
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Michael Jordan, I remember I interviewed him years ago, and I said, "What makes you the best in the world? Is it skill, is it talent, is it ability, is it background, is it training?" He said, "I didn't even make the high school basketball team my sophomore year, I was cut. What it is, is everyday I demand more from myself than anybody else could possibly expect. I don't compete with other people, I compete with what I'm capable of." I don't negotiate with myself. "Well maybe I'll do it tomorrow, I'm gonna do this, or maybe I'll wait two more minutes until I'm ready." There's none of that sh*t with me. I go, "I say, we do." I'm not here to discuss this sh*t with my mind. There's mind, and then there's soul and spirit. My soul f*cking knows, when I say jump, you f*cking jump. I'm not here to have a discussion with you. Does it happen every day of my life? No, and when I find it's not working, I step back up and condition it. How do you build a muscle? You don't build muscle because you were born with it, we're all born with muscle, but if it developed, you trained it. And that means you had to find something that you valued more than your pain. You had to use your pain and say, "I'm gonna use it to become more." If you were to write a book about your life and hand it to somebody, would that book change their life? If not, you better get to f*cking work. Through self-discipline, through tons of repetition of the same thing that you don't want to do, you develop armour for your mind. Your mind is like "Okay, we suffer every day. It's what we do. we do stuff that sucks every day." So then when the sucky stuff comes, you're ready for it. You have to struggle. You have to struggle, the bigger the struggle, the bigger the peace. Wake up in the morning time and win the battle against yourself. If you think that you've given everything, you really haven't. If you have an excuse about "My mum wasn't there, my dad wasn't there, I got bullied in school, I was fat." Don't want to hear it. You have a lot more to give. Go out there and change the way that you look at things. Change your attitude and make something negative into a positive. It's usually not this big decision that you make that impacts your life, it's really just a bunch of little decisions that you make that impact your life. When the alarm goes off in the morning, are you gonna get up, or are you gonna roll over and sleep more? Then are you gonna go workout, or are you gonna go watch TV? It's little decisions like that that put you on the right path. When you make your decision, make the right decision. If you got one of those days where your mind is being weak, shut your mind down, it gets no vote. Set up your gear, set up your weights, and do the work. Just do the work. Don't put it off until tomorrow. Don't voluntarily do anything tomorrow that you should be getting done today. Get it done today. Don't wait. Attack it, destroy it, and move on. Decide to be better, decide to get better, decide to get after it.

Dec 15, 2018
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